WHAT’S TRENDING NOW? Summer and Fall 2015

With every major fashion authority producing an endless stream of articles on what the new trend is, it can be hard to stay up to date and figure out what to buy. So, we put together a one-stop shop of current and upcoming trends from top reports to keep in mind while shopping for summer and fall. My advice on trends is to use them as guidelines, not as rules. For example, if you want to get new stylish clothes, but nothing specific, and need an informed suggestion. Otherwise, there is no rule that if you don’t wear all trends, all the time, you won’t be in style.


  1. Dresses and Gladiators (Summer)

The FIndex — Fashion Innovation Index — is based on survey data obtained from a representative sample of CollegeFashionista.com’s 600 “style gurus,” who report on fashion trends at college campuses around the world. Style gurus are a curated group of college-age students who possess a keen eye for new style trends in all realms of the fashion industry. According to these gurus, dresses, specifically mini dresses, and boho gladiators are in. Additionally, Kate Spade and Urban Outfitters are great trending go-to stores that cover a wide range of styles.

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  1. Statement Clutches, Slides/Mules, Bucket Bags, One Pieces (Current)

Phew…. that was a lot. The above are trends from Nylon’s ‘Trend Page‘ that I have seen pop up in many other places. I filtered out the smaller topics, however, like statement earrings, so you don’t have to! Some trends, like these clutches, are more of a ‘hit’ trend than others – perfect for making a bold statement, but may not stay on top for long.

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  1. Denim (Current)

Literally every single fashion site/expert/column/blog/magazine has in some capacity covered the denim trend. Specific trends include midi skirts, bell bottoms (more on that later), jackets, skinny jeans ripped at the knee, dresses, overalls, rompers and jumpsuits. (Here is a guide to wearing denim).

Here are some street style examples from Governors Ball 2015 where denim styles were seen.

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  1. White Sporty Sneakers (New)

This trend began in Europe and is making its way to the US. It is still a newer trend so it is a great opportunity to be ahead of the crowd. Blogger Chiara Ferragni has posted a couple pics over the last week with these and Fashionista.com has featured them as well. I recommend Adidas, Converse, platform sneakers (double trend points!), or shopping Asos for some digs.

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  1. 70’s (Summer/Fall)

It started with music festival and platform shoes and has expanded to bell bottoms, ‘gauzy gowns, flares, and a spirit of globe-trotting eclecticism on catwalks from Burberry Prorsum to Lanvin…. there’s no shortage of proof that peace and love are still in’ (Style.com). My advice? If you were ever upset bell bottoms went out of style, NOW is the time to bring ’em back, loud and proud… along with any other 70’s items you just could not part with.

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  1. Goth Girl (Fall, Bold)

Givenchy fall collection anyone?? Reported on Nylon, Asos, and Style.com, the fashion goth look is a great fall trend… that you can surprisingly wear for summer too. Essentially, it means wearing all black with moody or victorian vibes. As this is a very costumey yet mono-toned trend, you can go pretty far with it and still look stylish. For the beach you can wear ‘crystal necklaces and weird lipstick’ with a very cute black kimono by Zara that is actually a perfect item to transition into fall. If you want to go more micro trend,  you can try doing a pastel goth look… but that is a whole other post, so if you don’t know what that is, I recommend doing a search. 😉

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  1. Yellow (Current)

Did you know Zara, Topshop, and Nasty Gal all have ‘trending now’ pages? Did you know yellow items are present on ALL within the first five items? If you need some tips on how to wear this color, click here. It may not be the most welcoming tone, but mad style points if you dare.

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Declining Trends – Uggs, Normcore, Peplum, Vintage Clothing, and Wedge Sneakers.

Bottom line – If you feel like you are stuck on what to buy, trends are a great guide, or, if you have been dying to wear one of these, it is a great time to go all out. But, if you just aren’t into something, don’t invest in it… or go try a less expensive version from F21 before you really commit. Vice versa, if something you like is not on trend, that doesn’t mean you should not wear it! Word to the wise, it is nearly impossible to constantly stay on top of every trend, this should not be something to lose sleep over.


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