The Ten Commandments of Coachella Fashion

As all the fashion weeks wind down and winter turns to spring, a special thing happens in fashion, it becomes festival season. Festival season is a ‘season’ unlike any other. While the classically spring, summer, fall and winter are categorized by their climate differences and color tones, festival season is a much more focused conceptual look based completely on one type of event: music festivals.

 All of which are a nod to the era of Woodstock, a general notion of freedom, and looking like a  hippie. And these are the key ingredients that year after year inspire every and any relevant fashion entity to stop everything in the name of ‘Desert Wear’ and finding the ultimate festival look.

 The thing that makes this look and music festivals so exciting and special is that they are the ONLY time and place where you can actually wear this stuff all out.

We all roll our eyes but secretly spend hours upon hours planning and perfecting every detail of no less than 3 days worth of perfectly assembled head to toe outfits. Every detail is considered. ( Like when Meryl Streep had to decide between those two blue belts in DWP…. they were SO different and it HAD to be right, otherwise, assured doom.)


But I digress, StyleSpotter was in fact at Coachella and we had such a blast! Between the influential network event at the TIN house with CyberDust, the Nylon Magazine pool party, and the festival itself, we got to see some pretty awesome festival fashions… and some pretty awful ones too. Either way, we had so much fun pre-partying and snapping photos of some stylish festival goers in our signature lolitas and handing out StyleSpotter stickers to stylish Chella fashionistas we crosses paths with. And along the way, we were able to deliberate on some rules and guidelines we shall henceforth refer to as ‘The Ten Commandments of Coachella Fashion.’

 The Ten Commandments of Coachella Fashion

  1. Thou shalt not remove thy shoes.

We get it. Its hot, everyone else is doing it, you are the free-est of the free spirits…but did you SEE the ground at Coachella?! Covered in trash. We were seriously concerned for those toting their shoes in their hands rather than keeping them on their feet!

  1. Thou shalt wear bottoms.

Leotard? Nope. Shirt tucked into underwear? Oh, God, please no. Bikini bottoms?…. We can’t. Coachella is all about outfit creativity and expression, but without pants, shorts, a skirt, or even a sarong for chellagod’s sake, you have gone too far. (To the girl wearing her shirt tucked into her undies… we saw you… we died a little inside.)

  1. Thou shalt remember Coachella is not a costume party.

Idk but it seemed like some people thought it was Halloween… maybe it was the desert heat causing delusions. *Exception – the guy in the banana suit, that was cool. Keep rockin’ your banana suit, dude.

  1. Thou shalt remember Coachella is not a black tie event.

While in a way Coachella is one of the biggest runways for fashion, this doesn’t mean one should wear their most expensive Chanel bag to the festival. Its dusty and dirty and just not practical. Yes, of course wear something chic, but keep it reasonable. The amount of white For Love and Lemons two piece sets we saw was astounding…(you know, the one Kendall Jenner wore on the red carpet last fall… yeah).

  1. Thou shalt not wear heels.

Again, unpractical and you will break commandments 1 and 4. Wear these instead.

  1. Thou shalt only remove excess articles of clothing if asked to by an artist.

When Florence and the Machine told everyone to jump and take off an item of clothing, most people did, and that was great, but otherwise… stay clothed, my friends.

  1. Thou shalt only wear one trend at a time.

Flower crowns, flash tattoos, henna, face paint, fringe, crochet, tie-dye, floral print, white sets, arm bands, stacked rings, stacked bracelets, bindis, feathers…. If you have one 3+, reconsider your choices.

  1. Thou shalt wear appropriate head dress.

*sigh* This commandment refers to 3 items:

  1. Flower crowns – Try to find one that does not look cheesy. And please don’t let these ‘mushroom’ your hair.
  2. Feather headdress – NO.
  3. Animal Ears – Ok… its really hard to wear these in public and make them work. They’re really cute and trendy… but not ‘Coachella’ trendy. If you are going to do this, think very hard about making it work.
  1. Don’t over do it.

After all, Coachella is ‘all about the music,’ right? Don’t stress too much over having the perfect outfit.

  1. Have fun and be you!

Wear something that represents your personal style. Too often we have seen friends flock to the mainstream stores and buy whatever item cropped up as ‘the look’ last year and then wonder why they look like everyone else. You can create a festival look that is on trend, while still keeping your style.

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By Cassandra Cadwell

Cassandra Cadwell is a California native living in Los Angeles with a love for all things fashion. With StyleSpotter as her main tool of discovery, she loves to find the top items for the best styles and trends. Her favorite brands are For Love and Lemons and Free People. She lives by the quote 'I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.'

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