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Ever notice how owners look similar to their dogs? Lindsey Wixson takes that to a whole new level in the August issue of Vogue Brazil where she models alongside a variety of adorable pooches in similar outfits. Wixson dons Brazilian labels such as Ellus, Animale, and Tufi Duek with various dogs including a German Shephard, Corgi, and a Collie. We think the editorial did a spot-on job pairing the dogs with comparable outfits, the Afghan Hound looks smart with the navy satin coat and the spots on the Chinese crested dog pairs seemlessly with the graphic printed dress. As self-proclaimed dog lovers, we think this editorial is down right adorable. Do you ever dress to match your dog?

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

By Kasha Cabato

Kasha Cabato is a fashion industry professional who specializes in marketing and social media. She is a graduate of Parsons The New School for Design and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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