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Every season, the latest collection from Rory Beca is consistently made up of the precise pieces every woman wants to wear. We spotted the new line on StyleSpotter coming in from stores like Shopbop and Saks Fifth Avenue, and this season is no different. The lush silk fabrics are cut into flattering silhouettes that perfectly and comfortably drape a woman’s body, and maintain an easy sense of movement. The elegant colors and prints Beca selects furthermore aids in the wearability of her pieces – the mini dresses are the perfect piece to wear to any baby shower or birthday party, while her chic camis are the ideal layering piece for the office. Read on to hear more about the latest from Rory Beca – and what’s coming up next!

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We love the bright and fresh colors and prints in your Summer/Pre Fall 2014 collection. What inspired you to come out with such bold designs?

I always love  bold, bright colors. It is what my eye is attracted to. I especially love it for Fall, which can tend to be darker and more understated. I think women always love to mix color into their wardrobe.

The Summer/Pre Fall lookbook is so well done! What inspired the set location and the retro styling?

I was inspired by the look and feel of the Amalfi Coast and la dolce vita.  Since we weren’t going to head to Italy for the lookbook we tried to get that look and feel at a private home in Malibu.

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We love the sleeveless jumpsuits and the gorgeous detail on the lace pieces. What would you say are your favorite pieces from your collection and how would you style them?

I always love the basic camis in print and solid colors. I have recently been layering them under our new Rory Beca knits, which will be in stores spring 2015.

When we look at your collection it looks like it’s made for women who love to have fun. What does wearing Rory Beca say about a woman? 

Exactly that – that she loves to have fun.


Rory Beca is seen on style favorites like Vanessa Minillo and Kourtney Kardashian, what has been the most exciting star moment for Rory Beca?

Probably when Reese Witherspoon wore a dress because we had no idea she even owned the dress. It was a complete surprise.

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You became very successful in the fashion industry at such a young age. How did you get into fashion design?

I did an internship with a  stylist, a summer program at St. Martins, and then started taking sewing and design classes. I decided it was what I wanted to do early on, which is why I called my parents from college and told them I was dropping out because I wanted to start designing clothing.

If you could give one piece of advice to young designers out there, what would it be?

To ask a lot of questions. When I started out I knew nothing about this business – I asked a lot of questions and took advice from everyone.

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What exciting new things can we expect from Rory Beca in the future?

We have a lot of amazing collaborations happening, including a bridesmaid dress line. We also have a brand new knit collection that we are introducing for spring. Great t-shirts and easy pieces that complement the rest of the Rory Beca collection.

I’m sure you have an amazing closet, what’s one piece you couldn’t live without?

I love and will always love the sweaters my grandma knit for my mom when she was in high school.

By Kasha Cabato

Kasha Cabato is a fashion industry professional who specializes in marketing and social media. She is a graduate of Parsons The New School for Design and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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