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Bikini season may be over, but staying fit is a vital part of your year round health, especially around the holidays (hello holiday weight). Daily exercise is an important part of looking and feeling your best, but between balancing work, family life, and the social activities that come along with this time of year, finding time for fitness can be difficult. Since fashion bloggers showcase their outfits on their blogs they usually have a pretty fine tuned exercise regimen that work for them, so we decided to find out from some of our favorites what their secret to staying trim is  – and how to do it in style (of course). No matter how busy you might be, you’re bound to find an exercise that works for you from these 7 different ways so you can freely indulge in PSLs and apple pie all season long!

stylish housewife

“Now that my son is in preschool three days a week, I am finally getting back into a fitness routine. I recently started taking Zumba classes and am addicted! Mixing it up keeps me on my toes!”

Jenn from The Stylish Housewife


“I love running outside because not only is it a great workout, but it also just gives me a sense of freedom and allows me to clear my mind. I like challenging myself to build up my stamina and I set goals for how many miles I want to run. For workout gear, I just like to be comfortable so a pair of leggings and a hoodie like the one I’m wearing are perfect.” 

Naty from A Love Affair with Fashion


“Staying fit has always been a priority to me, wither it’s getting in a quick walk or jog, or my favorite turbo kick class, I always make time for it almost every day! And looking good while do so, is just as important I feel. We all want to look and feel good, on the inside and out.”

Becky from Cella Jane


goldfish kiss copy

“The great thing about surfing lately, is there are SO many brands hat are making amazing gear that will stay put or supply stylish sun protection. Lately I’ve been wearing the Vitamin A cropped rash guards with suits by either Issa De Mar, Vitamin A, Ola Feroz, L*Space or Dkoko. . . the cropped rash guards are great for sun protection, especially on your upper back if you don’t have anyone to help you get those hard to reach spots. Also, Salt Gypsy surf Leggings are amazing, especially if you are going to be surfing for a long time, or have previously burned your buns. The great thing about surfing is I don’t really ever view it as working out. That’s the fun part. Finding something you love to do that’s active, you end up doing it a lot and never realize you are working out.” 

Rebekah from Goldfish Kiss


“When it comes to working out, the key to keeping at it is VARIETY. Each week I rotate between Spin, Swimming, Running and Hot Yoga. By doing something different every day, I don’t get bored and never feel like working out is a chore. I love swimming and running because they are done outdoors which just always feel better. Spin always puts a smile on my face and there is nothing better than an awesome song and club lights to get you going. Hot Yoga is something that not only helps me to stretch after putting so much stress on my body through the other workouts but also helps my mind re-center, giving me better focus in my day. I don’t workout on weekends. We all need a break!” 

Sarah from Juggling in Heels

style me grasie

“I love hiking with my dog as my main source of exercise, but it’s fun to try new things too, like dance classes and Pop Physique. But, no matter what I’m doing to stay fit, I like to be comfortable and in workout gear that suits my style…Under Armour is definitely a go to for that!”

 Grasie from Style Me Grasie


“This is my total mom outfit right here. Being a mom of two and working full time as a teacher, I never get time to workout like I used to before kids! Chasing around my girls I need to be comfy yet still cute. This Awesome Time tee from The Printed Palette is perfect with leggings, a button up tied around your waist, and some cute sneaks, which all adds just that right “i want to be cute today but don’t want to really be tooooo cute” kinda look!”

Brooke from Brooklyn Inspired


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