We’ve all heard it a thousand times, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Annoying for many of us busy women, however, very true. It’s that time of the season when you’re into your workout groove and you find yourself consistently hungry on the hour. So yes, breakfast really is vital to maintain a healthy body, a healthy mind, and if done right, will help maintain a solid metabolism. Is what you’re grabbing on the go really helping you maintain that #fitlife, or are you adding extra calories to your diet? Unless you do your research, you’re probably not aware of the high amount of sugar contained in our socially acceptable breakfast go-to’s. Find out if you’re giving into these common misconceptions and what the healthy alternative is.


Although vitamin C is a very important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, choose wisely. The standard serving size for good ol’ OJ is loaded with 23 grams of sugar per serving! Instead, start your morning with a cold pressed juice with ingredients like orange, lemon, and cayenne. Not only is it healthier, but it’s also a life changing alternative to coffee, it wakes you right up!

Orange Juice



Clif bars are advertised as a convenient and healthy way to fuel up while exploring the outdoors, but they are surprisingly loaded with sugar. At 23 grams a pop for our favorite, Black Cherry Almond, you might as well be eating 2 Krispy Kreme donuts! So although it keeps you full, your body is intaking sugar which we all know our body stores as fat. After much health bar research (and tasting) we’ve found that Kind bars are the best option. They contain only 8 grams of sugar, taste just as yummy, and satisfy your hunger needs.

Cliff Bar



Pineapples are not only summer’s hottest print, but are also a misleadingly “healthy” snack. 1 serving of the stuff contains a whopping 31 grams of sugar, so you might as well be eating candy for breakfast. Because they often cover dried fruit in cane sugar, opt for a package with no additional sweetener, or stick to the real stuff! Actual fruit contains natural sugar and extra H2O which is overall easier for our bodies to break down and keeps you hydrated.




When you think breakfast, you think pastries, a muffin to be exact. We strongly advice staying away from those irresistible choices in the work lounge. Are you ready for this? 1 blueberry muffin contains 37 grams of sugar! That’s 6 teaspoons over the amount of sugar women should restrict themselves to a day. If you’re craving carbs, this simply means that you’re body is craving protein. Switch it up and bring a banana and organic peanut butter to work, it’s sweet, satisfying, and holds you over until lunch.



Last, but not least on our list is yogurt. Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, but can also contain high amounts of – you guessed it – sugar. It does say fat free on the label of an a original cup of Yoplait yogurt, but don’t be fooled. It’s actually filled with 26 grams of sugar! An excellent alternative to this breakfast treat is lowfat greek yogurt. It’s much lower in sugar and contains twice as much protein, so you feel full much longer. A huge plus to greek yogurt is that it’s another one of those life changing ingredients that you can replace in almost any meal!


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By Kasha Cabato

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