Sometimes life is all about small indulgences – a morning latte, an amazing workout playlist, a super cute iPhone cover – that make your day to day that much better. We all want to make our morning beauty routine easier and faster, so treat yo’self to one of these amazing beauty tools that will save you time and make you look your best.


We’ve been seeing this new foundation tool all over beauty blogs lately, and we understand why. A beauty blender makes for perfect application of foundation & concealer. Just put your foundation on your makeup palette or hand and dip the blender into it. The dense sponge will give you a flawless finish.

beauty blender

2) SPIN PINS $3.79

These pins might look intimidating, but believe us when we say this is the greatest hair invention since dry shampoo. Spin pins make your bun have major staying power by spinning the pins into your hair in a cross formation. You’ll no longer have to use 10,000 bobby pins to keep your hair in place!

spin pins

3) DUAL BRUSH $14.99

A dual brush is a good investment if you don’t have many brushes. Dual brushes have different sized brushes on each end so it’s versatile for applying foundation, blush, or bronzer. These brushes are also great space saves for traveling.

dual brush


Clarisonic made a splash on the skin cleaning scene with its breakthrough vibrating brush design, which is strong enough to deep clean and minimize pores, while being gentle enough to use everyday. However, a Clarisonic will cost you upwards of $100, so luckily for us Olay has come out with a great dupe for the product with its Advanced Cleansing System. The vibrating brush does the work for you, so it improves skin condition, clears and minimizes pores, removes makeup better than traditional methods and exfoliates skin.

olay prox

5) COLOR SWITCH $16.99

If you love the look of blended eyeshadow but hate the hassle of cleaning your brushes, then you will think this tool is seriously cool. The color switch allows you to use the same eyeshadow brush for multiple shades because it cleans the previous color entirely, so that you’re not mixing it with the next color you’re about to use. By wetting the brush in between colors, it also creates a more vibrant shade. This one is especially perfect for traveling, because who has time to clean their brushed when their on vacation?

color swatch duo


If you don’t already have one, you need a boar bristol brush in your hair brush arsenal. This brush will smooths frizz, add body, and is perfect for making curls look more natural. You’ll want to use it as a finishing touch with every look to create smooth and shiny hair, just be sure to add some hairspray so that it’s effect is lasting.


7) HAIR DONUT $7.99

Ever wonder how those girls get perfect coiffed buns? They might be using a hair donut. Choose the size bun you want and just pin your hair around it to create the perfect bun.

hair donut


Whipping your hair back and forth with a “long hair don’t care” attitude is great until you end up with a big fat knot in the base of your hair. The design of the Tangle Teezer brush increases pressure for painless detangling, and can be used on wet or dry hair, so you can dance that hair around all you want.

tangle tamer


If you hate blowing out your hair as much as we do, then this brush is for you. The ceramic base heats up as you blowdry, so it dries your hair faster and creates major volume. The extra large vents also increase air flow, which reduces drying time even more.

ceramic brush

10) CURLING WAND $22.50

If you want natural looking waves rather than stiff ringlets, a curling wand is your new best friend. Just wrap the hair around the wand away from your face and then separate the curls with your fingers or brush it our with a boar bristol brush, depending on the look you are going for . It will take a few tries to get a hang of it, but you’ll love the results.

curling wand

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